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Hi, I'm Randall Hall

But you are probably asking yourself "who is this guy and why do I care?"
I have been designing web pages since the mid 90?s, so when I saw a powerful tool like WordPress, I thought I hit the jackpot.?You see, my 20+ year career in IT has been defined by one fact ? IT is not about the Information or the Technology; IT is about people. YOU use the information and YOU use the technology. Without YOU, the rest is pointless.?So for me, its about finding the right tool for the user, i.e. YOU. It doesn?t matter what works best for me, or which tool I prefer; all that matters if you get the information you need with the tool you are most comfortable with.?So if you want to learn how to do it yourself, I?m your guy. But if you just want someone to manage all the ?techie stuff? for you, well, that?s me also.

What People Are Saying

I?ve dealt with Randall for years and he?s always been a true asset to my business. Anytime I have ?techy? questions about ANYTHING he?s always right there with an answer. He has always responded super fast when I have asked him anything and always been there to fix anything for me, get something working, etc. ?Techy? people can be ?flakey?, but Randall is totally someone you can count on all the time every time! Thank you for all that you do for me!

Liz Tomey

Owner, Backpack Business Lifestyle

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