About Me

Hi, I'm Randall Hall

Thank you for visiting my site.

But you are probably asking yourself ?Who is this guy, and why do I care??
My guess is you came here because you have ? or want to have ? a WordPress blog. You probably heard all the stories about this free blogging system that you could easily setup and manage yourself.
But after staring at endless pages of documentation, hundreds of YouTube videos that look nothing like the blog you have, and getting conflicting advice from dozens of people online, you still have a blog that says ?Hello World? and not much else.
Maybe you got stuck trying to pick from the thousands of free themes online, so you went to check out the ?premium? themes, but have no idea what you would be paying for.
Or maybe its the thirty different plugins that all seem to do the exact same thing that has you baffled.
I am here to say, it?s okay. This is why I started this business.
You see, I have been designing web pages since the mid 90?s, so when I saw a powerful tool like WordPress, I thought I hit the jackpot.
I took my 20+ years of tech support knowledge ? dealing with software, products, and vendors ? and really tore into WordPress. I understand the components of WordPress, not because they are interesting ? because I want to use it better. Because if I can use it better, than I can help you use it better.
You see, my career in IT has been defined by one fact ? IT is not about the Information or the Technology; IT is about people. YOU use the information and YOU use the technology. The information is a resource and the technology is a tool for accessing that resource. But YOU are the user of the tool to access that resource. Without YOU, the rest is pointless.
So for me, its about finding the right tool for the user, i.e. YOU. It doesn?t matter what works best for me, or which tool I prefer; all that matters if you get the information you need with the tool you are most comfortable with.
That means sometime you want to learn how to fish, but other times you just want to buy the fish. So if you want to learn how to build your WordPress site, I’m your guy. But if you just want someone to build it for you and manage all the “techie stuff,” well, that’s me also.