WordPress Security Quickstart

A friend who had his WordPress site hacked (and no backups) asked me about securing his blog. So I could either take 20 minutes to explain the process, or record an 8 minute video to show the steps. Enjoy my 8 minute video. There are the very first things I do to secure all of […]

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Best Security Advice from 2015

There are many events in 2015 that can teach us lessons of security, but the Ashley Madison hack has many, many lessons to teach us. For those unaware, Ashley Madison was a site where you could schedule ex-marital affairs. In other words, it was a site for cheaters. You paid a fee and you could meet […]

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Why Can’t My Password Be ‘Password’

They say a strong password is the first line of defense for any system. Actually, a strong password is the equivalent of not leaving your keys in your parked car. Strong password is the absolute minimum security measure you should do. That being said, what qualities make up a strong password. Good length Generally speaking, […]

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Why Hackers Hack

WordPress is run on more than 76 million websites. This makes learning to hack WordPress a valuable skill for hackers. Hackers are looking to hack your WordPress site for many reasons. Most of these reasons come down to money; they are looking for ways to make money with your hacked website. Three of the most […]

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Securing Your Wireless Network

More and more people are choosing to work from home. Some are telecommuters; others start a home business. Either way, the advantages are many. Some of the advantages include flexible schedule, avoiding the rush hour traffic, spending more time with the family. One thing in common is these people need a home office. And even people with […]

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