Managed WordPress Hosting

Let a professional WordPress expert manage and host your blog to
take all the headaches out of your WordPress management.

Most WordPress hosting plans use automated processes to update your blog leaving you open to a whole host of issues. You don’t want nameless support people and automated systems managing your blog. You want a real person that you know by name managing your WordPress hosting. With my Managed WordPress Hosting service, you have exactly that. Me, a real person with over 25 years of experience supporting technology and customers will personally manage your WordPress hosting account.

Professional Expert Support

You get your site hosted personally by a WordPress expert with decades of experience in customer support in information technology

Manual Updates and Testing

Automated updates are a surefire way to break your block. I manually update your blog and test when complete to make sure no errors occurred.

Free SSL

Even if you don’t do ecommerce, SSL is important so browsers don’t scare away visitors with their Untrusted labeling of your site.

Free Site Migration

If your WordPress site is on a different host, then I will migrate it to your new hosting account for free.

Automated Backups w/Manual Review

Any IT professional will tell you automated backups with manual review is the best way to protect your systems and that is how I protect your blog.

Unlimited Download Bandwidth

No penalites for popular blogs and your WordPress site will have unlimited download bandwidth.

Bonus: Email Service Setup

I will setup a free Sendgrid account for your new blog so that your emails are delivered to the Inbox of your users.

What People Are Saying About Me…

I’ve dealt with Randall for years and he’s always been a true asset to my business. Anytime I have ‘techy’ questions about ANYTHING he’s always right there with an answer. He has always responded super fast when I have asked him anything and always been there to fix anything for me, get something working, etc. ‘Techy’ people can be ‘flakey’, but Randall is totally someone you can count on all the time every time! Thank you for all that you do for me!

Liz Tomey

I deeply appreciate Randall’s tech savvy and service. Not only do I love my new website that he designed for me but he has always taken care of my tech issues quickly and efficiently, making things that seemed like insurmountable problems like *no big deal* and easy to fix. He also has a gift of being able to communicate technical solutions in an understandable way. Thanks so much!!

Moira Hutchison

Wellness With Moira


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